"Made me feel at ease immediately. Although a serious subject, we had such fun! Incredibly useful with fantastic instructors who answered every question. Thank you!"

Sharon Grimshaw, Castleford Park Junior Academy

Breakaway and Disengagement Training


Do you fully understand how to reduce risks to your personal safety in the workplace? Do your staff?


Could you safely breakaway and disengage from a potentially violent situation? Could all your staff?


Do you and your staff know your rights and responsibilities when defending yourself from an aggressor?


Have you received training to provide you with the confidence and competence to deal with conflict and/or aggression in the workplace?



If your staff potentially face an aggressive situation at work  e.g. an aggressive parent, then the ability to de-escalate a volatile situation or “Breakaway” from an aggressor is vital. Breakaway is defined as a person’s safe movement or movement away from danger and defending attacks such as slap, punches, grabs, kicks etc. School Positive Handling can assist employers in ensuring that their staff have received effective and legally compliant training to help keep them safe during their working role.  We only use appropriate physical skills that are easy to learn, easy to remember and that have a track record of effectiveness.


Following one of our training courses, delegates will be able to apply reasonable and justifiable break away techniques in the workplace relevant to their work place setting and to the level of threat they may face.


Your employees will be able to:


  • Know when to use breakaway and disengagement techniques.
  • Fully understand how Health & Safety legislation relates to them and what they can do to protect themselves and the people in their care.
  • Assess and use the environment effectively to minimise confrontation.
  • Apply the correct, least intrusive and safest way to breakaway from a variety of grabs and strikes to suit their work situation e.g seated, standing, hair pulls, kicks
  • Understand the 'Use of Reasonable Force' and proportionality in terms of the Law.
  • Understand the theory of fight, flight or freeze and how to better control their reactions to different situations.
  • Minimise the possible injury to themselves and the person attacking, using memorable, legally compliant techniques.

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