"Thank you for keeping the balance about understanding neurodiversity and trauma related brain development and its role in behaviour. A brilliant course that I definitely recommend." 

Karen Wicks, New Leaf Inclusion Centre

Understanding & Reducing Challenging Behaviour

Are you looking for high quality training to support staff who are dealing with challenging behaviour?  

Are you looking for an effective Restraint Reduction Strategy?’
Do you staff understand the significance of communication when dealing with any potential conflict?
Are you confident in supporting the emotional regulation of the children/ young people in their care?

Do you fully understand the biology underneath the behaviours, so you can provide a safe and secure relational environment?

Do you know what ‘Positive Behaviour Support’ is?

Our 'Understanding & Reducing Challenging Behaviour' course ensures staff have the essential training to help them feel confident and competent when caring and teaching children or young people who can be challenging.

Our training is informed by leading academics and will enable participants to better support dysregulated children and reduce the reliance on restrictive practices, by promoting a positive relational culture and evidenced based practice. This will minimise the potential for injury and trauma, further promoting an emotionally and physically safer environment for all. 

‘All Behaviour is Communication’

Course participants will explore how they can reduce risks to themselves, the children and the setting by deepening their understanding of the functions of behaviour and the impact of the selected communication being presented.



This course provides essential training for staff to assist children/ young people who are struggling to manage their emotional regulation by applying knowledge of the biology behind the behaviour, Positive Behaviour Support, effective de-escalation techniques and relational therapeutic interventions. Whilst we are proud to embrace cutting edge neuroscience and the latest academic research, React UK ensures our training is simple to understand, and easy for all course participants to apply in practice.    


Our bespoke training packages enable improvements in behaviour and build bridges to better relationships between students and staff. This can lead to a dramatic positive change to the climate for learning and both social and emotional intelligence. We aim that all course participants recognise the vital importance of ‘connection and correction’ of behaviour to reduce disruption to teaching and learning, improving positive outcomes for all. 

Participants will:  

  • Further understand the foundations and functions of behaviour;
  • Explore the importance of the ACE Study, Protective Factors and Resilience
  • Gain a better understanding of what science is telling us about the Biology Behind the Behaviours ~
    • Triune Brain Theory
    • Fight, Flight, Freeze Response & the HPA Axis
    • SREF/Top Down Functioning
    • Distress Averse, Distress Excited Behaviour
    • Neuroception & Polyvagol Theory
    • The Autonomic Nervous System (Social Engagement/Social Defensive Systems)

·         Recognise the significance of ‘Emotionally Available Adults’ and how to establish a whole school approach;

·         Understand the impact of Primary Emotions Profiling;

·         Reflect on their understanding of emotional regulation and dysregulation;

·         Expand on key strategies for de-escalation of challenging behaviour and restraint reduction;

·         Gain a clearer understanding of Positive Behaviour Support and Functional Assessment;

·         Explore~

  • Models of Communication
  • Pro Social & Alarm States
  • State Dependent Functioning
  • Barriers to Learning

·         Consider how to build effective relationships with troubled children;

·         Understand how to support different attachment styles.



This comprehensive training course is suitable for anyone working with, or coming into contact with, children who may present challenging behaviour.

E.g. Headteachers, Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Learning Mentor, Behaviour Mentor, Lunchtime Supervisors, Care worker, Social Worker


This is a Full Day Course. Bespoke training can be arranged upon request

e.g. Two Day Advanced Practitioner Training, Half Day, Twilights.  



'Good restrictive intervention trainers have the potential to change practice, win hearts and minds and have an important role in supporting a system wide approach to the reduction of the use of unnecessary restrictive practices. They have a range of skills and are confident in their knowledge of all the training content, how it fits within the human rights framework, and best practice for the sector and population they are training in. They are able to assess competency, encourage potential, and appropriately challenge unhelpful attitudes.'

Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards 2019 Pg 85


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